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Incoporating Artificial Intelligence in diagnosis of diseases to improve people's lives
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We are a health services innovation Unit of Global Auto Systems Ltd. Our aspiration is to revolutionize the health care system in Uganda with AI, Cloud Computing and Blockchain technologies to improve patient outcomes while reducing the total cost of care.

We are working to improve Diagnosis of Diseases and improve people’s lives. PapsAI – An AI Empowered Integrated Cervical Cancer Management Platform will Revolutionize cervical cancer management in Uganda. PapsAI uses cutting-edge technology to better track patients, diagnose and treat patients.

What we do
A Digital Health Platform for Cervical Cancer Management
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Cervical cancer Screening Workflow Management
◦ Integration of cervical cancer screening centers
◦ Cervical cancer screening workflow Management
◦ Tumor board Management
Cervical cancer Patient’s Information management
◦ Fuzzy and AI Based Clinical Decision Support
◦ Telemedicine Support
◦ Cervical cancer recurrence prediction
◦ Patient information management
◦ Automated Risk Factors Assessment

A Pap-smear Analysis Expert System (PapES)
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Pap-smear Analysis.
◦ AI empowered Automated Pap-smear Analysis
◦ Pap-smear digitization with a low cost digital microscope slide scanner
◦ Online collaboration among cytopathologists
◦ Telemedicine support
◦ Pap-smear Data Repository
◦ Progressive pap-smear image analysis for cervical cancer occurrence and recurrence prediction
Patient data management.
◦ Secure Data storage
◦ Leveraging block chain technology for patients’ benefit
◦ Cervical cancer data repository for Research

Next Gen Covi AI - An AI COVID-19 Platform
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We are revolutionalizing diagnosis and improving people's lives
We incoporate Artificial Intelligencce to eliminate all form of human error and improve medical diagnosis.
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We are a health innovations unit of Global Auto Systems, a firm in Uganda conducting research and building applications in a range of fields including Health, Transportation, Robotics, Agriculture. Business Solutions, Education, Governance and Real Estates. You can get involved in any of our Research and Applications development as a partner, client or funder/sponsor. To participate in any of the ongoing Research and Product Developments, You can Reach us by sending us a mail On this mail or its alternative